Monday, June 14, 2010


I love sweets..I love sweets and they love me,sticking preferably to my hips thighs arms and lower tummy,giving me that kangaroo pouch (I swear one of these days Joe Boxer is gonna jump out of there and think I'm his Mama!)

Oh those sweets,taking me on a high and then a crashing low just making me reach out for more. I have been feening all morning for some kind of cake (carrot cake is my favorite) I been thinking about it,remebering what it smells like, the feel and taste of that cream cheese frosting on top...oooh, giving me the chills and thrills but like a one night stand with a clueless partner, the chill and thrill are cheap and leave you with feelings of emptiness and guilt and that age old question ...why did I do that? It didn't feel good,it was a temporary fix..but to what? Do I really want that cake or am I looking for something else.

What's going on in my world? What is making me want to experience that just when I am right on track with The Remedy Program...what?

Well, I remember as a child my favorite times were when my Father would bake me a cake, from scratch, I'd help crack the egss,whip the butter add the sugar...we'd spend half the day making that cake,and since my father worked 14 hour days,weekends and baking were my favorite time I felt so warm and secure and ...loved.As I got older and heavier cake was not on the menu anymore as a matter of fact it was in the house but I was not allowed to have in retaliation I would eat double of anything else I could get my hands on. Madness,locura

But now as a full grown mature older woman, I can have anything I want ,I choose to have or not have it. I find that a few sips of The Supa Mega Greens in water help curb that urge for sweets. And my urges for Daddy ,why,I am fortunate he is still here on this earth,all I have to do is take the time to build with him. My Father, I always viewed him as a Great Egyptian King,young vibrant,healthy and handsome.

I am getting a grip on this, giving thanks,purging and searching and sharing

Thank you for stopping by

peace,love and much respect

Lynx Garcia
Supersize Spanishfly

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Diane said...

I loved this post sweetie pie!

I love to hide and being around men can be very scary sometimes. I want to hide but then I don't all at the same time...I hide by putting just enough weight so I don't get too much attention.