Friday, September 30, 2011


You don't love someone out of a sense of duty, you love them from here , the ♥ has to be organic, not if the object of your affection is not returning the affection, set your sights on someone else, somewhere out there there is somebody who will adore you and WANT to grow w you and experience life ....not behind or in front of you your encouraged :)~original Quote by Lynx Garcia aka Supersize Spanishfly

Monday, August 8, 2011


The Truth doesn't always come covered in honey suckled covered roses sometimes it has thorns and has to pierce and draw blood to make it's point ....point being,that it's raw intention is to draw you in with its beauty, with the allure of its sweet smell only to prick you and laugh as your love lies bleeding...was it worth plucking after all? I applaud the truth, wheteher it's vulgar raw or sweet and sunny...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Taking The Higher Ground

My thought on taking higher ground

It certainly is quite lonely up here ..but it sure is peaceful" When somone is trying to rile you up..don't give them the satisfaction.... just smile and keep moving forward/upward..that really pisses them off :)

Life Climbing

I've heard that moutain climbers often get bruised,cut,suffer fractures or even broken bones on their way up a mountian and that somehow desoite the pain they tend to their wounds and continue to climb,I suppose they feel that the trek will be worth the pain so that they could experience the magnificence of the view and savor the sweet taste of accomplishment and inspire others to do the same... it could be my brother that the best is yet to come,as I reminded you in the past,just be AWARE of the dangers and TEND to your wounds so that you can continue onward,upward as you heal..and just maybe those dreams will come to fruition and you will find that you may not have it all but you will have what you need and right on time,hopefully with minimal scars :)Rise !!